hotel regina biarritz revisited by architect Dorothée Meilichzon

Discover the new hotel Regina Experimental Biarritz : A luxury hotel revisited by architect Dorothée Meilichzon

The Regina Biarritz Hotel renews its Belle Epoque style, combining maritime influences and Japanese touches to create an unforgettable experience.

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Welcome to Hôtel Regina Experimental Biarritz, a jewel ideally located just a stone's throw from the center of Biarritz, overlooking the ocean and offering breathtaking views of Cap St Martin and the Atlantic coast for almost 120 years. Discover the new style of this historic establishment, where architect Dorothée Meilichzon has reinterpreted the elegance of the Belle Époque, adding local inspiration and contemporary touches.

Belle Époque architecture restored in Biarritz

The Hôtel Regina Biarritz, built in 1906 by architect Henry Martinet, features charming Belle Époque architecture. The starting point for the renovation orchestrated by Dorothée Meilichzon was the impressive 15-meter-high atrium, adorned with vast windows and sculpted interior details. The aim was to preserve the historic essence of this legendary hotel on the Basque coast, while breathing new life into its aesthetic.

A hotel with local Basque influences

Dorothée Meilichzon wanted to pay tribute to neo-Basque architecture, drawing inspiration in particular from the work of the Gomez brothers, famous for their collaboration on the Villa Malaye. Villas Leihorra (Joseph Hiriart) and Arnaga (Albert Tournaire) also served as sources of inspiration. Hotel Regina, for example, features all-white architecture, with half-round shapes, sculpted frescoes, grooved cornices and 45° angles. Tiled spandrels, half-round mirrors and black iron add a touch of authenticity. A few art deco tiles by Winckelmans also enrich the decor.

The Atlantic Ocean meets hotel elegance

Elements characteristic of the Atlantic Ocean blend harmoniously with the hotel's style Regina Experimental Biarritz. Rope moldings and baseboards evoke the maritime world, while striped fabrics recall ocean waves. Dark blue and light blue lacquers, along with ocean liner-inspired architecture, lend an elegant, maritime ambience to the spaces. Elements such as bathroom furniture in the shape of a pelota fronton and fabrics hung like sails transport visitors on an oceanic voyage. Seashells, featured as wall lights, on the reception counter, as well as in fabrics and bas-reliefs, recall marine treasures.

Japan's influence and links with Biarritz

Another fascinating aspect of Hotel Regina Experimental Biarritz 's design is its homage to Japan. This includes elements such as Japanese straw, black lacquer, indigo hanging fabrics and paper lamps. These subtle touches add a unique cultural and aesthetic dimension to the whole, fusing Japanese and Basque influences in a refined way.

A bright hotel space with natural accents

The mix of inspirations within Hotel Regina Experimental creates a bright, warm space, dominated by dark green, dark red and various shades of blue. Materials such as sandstone, ceramics, straw and rope add natural, authentic touches. The spacious rooms offer breathtaking sea views and have been tastefully decorated in predominantly white, blue and mint-green tones, with wavy spandrels, panelled doors and an imposing light-blue lacquered headboard. The corridors, which open onto the large atrium, feature printed carpets depicting aquatic fauna.

The Regina Experimental Biarritz hotel is the epitome of elegance revisited. Thanks to architect Dorothée Meilichzon, the hotel has successfully blended its original Belle Époque architecture with neo-Basque influences and elements evocative of the Atlantic Ocean. By adding Japanese touches and playing with natural materials, this charming hotel in the Basque country offers a unique experience for a stay in Biarritz.

the regina biarritz atrium
april, 2020
april, 2020
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