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Restaurant Biarritz: Discover Frenchie, the must-visit address at the Hotel Regina Experimental

Discover Frenchie Biarritz, the creative restaurant at the Hotel Regina Biarritz. Immerse yourself in generous, mixed cuisine, sublimating local Basque products.

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Welcome to Biarritz, one of France's most popular seaside resorts, where the Hotel Regina Experimental opens its doors to you. At the heart of this 5-star establishment is a new restaurant: Frenchie Biarritz: Frenchie Biarritz. With already renowned addresses in Paris, London and Verbier, chef Gregory Marchand has chosen the Basque country as the next stop on his culinary journey. Immerse yourself in an innovative concept and enjoy a unique gastronomic experience, combining creativity and authenticity.

A creative restaurant rooted in Basque culture

Frenchie Biarritz is a modern brasserie, both creative and deeply rooted in Basque culinary culture. Chef Gregory Marchand, passionate about local produce and inspired by its richness, will highlight the region's nuggets with his own unique touch. Highlights include Banka trout, Gascon black pork, line hake from Saint-Jean de Luz, suckling lamb, Axuria rosé veal, Basque ewe's milk tomme from the Aldudes farm, Ossau-Iraty and the famous Espelette pepper. Thanks to his generous, creative and crossbred cuisine, the chef will sublimate these local products to offer you a memorable culinary experience.

A symphony of Basque flavors in Biarritz

The menu at Frenchie Biarritz offers a veritable festival of tastes and textures. Dishes on the menu include gougères with Ossau-Iraty and Espelette pepper cracker, ravioli with smoked goat's cheese and candied piquillo, salt-crusted Gascon black pork with broad beans and black garlic condiment, and soft-steamed line hake from Saint-Jean de Luz served with Tasmanian bay broth, rhubarb and celery. To finish on a high note, let yourself be tempted by the pastis landais feuille à feuille with wild strawberries, verbena and kalamansi lemon ice cream, or the tarte soufflée with 85° chocolate, raspberries and elderflower. A perfect marriage between the chef's bistronomic cuisine and the identity of the region.

House classics revisited

Frenchie regulars won't be outdone, as some of the house classics will also be on the menu. You'll be able to savor the famous bacon scones and crème crue, homemade pappardelle with Pyrenean lamb stew, or the unmissable banoffee. These emblematic dishes will take you on a journey through the flavors for which Frenchie is famous.

A promising collaboration at Frenchie

Frenchie Biarritz is much more than just a restaurant. It's an address with character that invites you on a culinary journey. This new collaboration between Frenchie and Experimental Group promises a unique and memorable experience. Chef Gregory Marchand brings his bold, generous touch to an inventive, cross-cultural cuisine. Let yourself be tempted by this gustatory adventure in an exceptional setting overlooking the ocean.

Enjoy a large terrace with breathtaking sea views at Frenchie Biarritz. Located within the Hotel Regina Experimental and boasting a magnificent ocean view, this is a restaurant that will appeal to lovers of fine south-western cuisine. With his creative concept and his attachment to the Basque terroir, chef Gregory Marchand offers an unforgettable and refined gastronomic experience. Sublimating the region's leading local produce, he introduces you to unique flavors, combining tradition and modernity. Whether you're just passing through Biarritz or a local, Frenchie Biarritz is the place to go for a culinary getaway rich in discovery.

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april, 2020
april, 2020
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