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History of Hôtel Regina Biarritz: an iconic hotel with the finest sea views on the Basque coast

Discover the fascinating 120-year history of the Hôtel Regina Biarritz, a masterpiece of the Belle Époque in the 20th century and a historic jewel in the Basque Country.

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The Hôtel Regina Biarritz is a veritable masterpiece of the Belle Époque era, bearing witness to a past rich in glamour and elegance. Since its construction under the supervision of architect Henry Martinet in 1906, this iconic establishment has undergone numerous owners and renovations. Here, we invite you to discover the fascinating history of Hôtel Regina Biarritz, its close ties with the ocean, and its promising future with the Experimental Group.

A legacy of the Belle Époque

The Hôtel Regina Biarritz is a true testament to the elegance and luxury of the Belle Époque. From the moment it opened in 1907, it attracted French and foreign high society, who were seduced by its exceptional panorama facing the Atlantic Ocean. Its winter garden, grandiose glass roof, sea views and proximity to the Golf du Phare all contributed to its renown. During the Roaring Twenties and Thirties, the hotel was a popular meeting place for American billionaires and Spanish grandees, marking an era of glitz and glamour.

Celebrity retreat in Biarritz

Over the years, Hôtel Regina Biarritz has become a popular destination for celebrities and influential personalities. From famous writers to movie stars, all have been seduced by the establishment's undeniable charm and its seaside location, close to the most beautiful beaches. Notable personalities who have stayed at the hotel include Jeanne Lanvin, Queen Amélie of Portugal and King Edward VII. Their presence has added an aura of glamour and mystery to the hotel, creating a unique and bewitching atmosphere.

Renovations and changes of ownership

Despite the damage caused by the hotel's requisition by German troops during the Second World War, a complete renovation was undertaken in the 1950s to restore its former splendor. In 1998, the Royal Monceau group sold the hotel to the Accor group, which has operated it under the MGallery banner since 2013, following a further renovation. In June 2022, the hotel was acquired by the Experimental group, which is currently renovating the hotel until summer 2023, promising an even more exciting future.

The Regina Experimental Biarritz today: a unique 5-star hotel 

Today, the Regina Experimental Biarritz hotel offers a luxurious experience with its seventy-two rooms and suites, refined restaurant, spa and outdoor pool. The current renovation, carried out by the Experimental Group, aims to preserve the hotel's authenticity while adding a contemporary touch. Everything has been thought out to make this hotel the ideal place to enjoy the ocean and discover the local traditions of the Basque Country, just a stone's throw from the center of Biarritz.

Biarritz, a destination open to the world

Biarritz, with its past as a small fishing port turned renowned seaside resort, has always maintained a close link with the ocean. The town has preserved its architectural heritage and natural environment while developing its economy. The Regina Experimental Biarritz hotel is perfectly in keeping with this rich and lively tradition of hospitality, appreciated the world over.

The Hôtel Regina Experimental Biarritz, a masterpiece of the Belle Époque period, is steeped in a rich history of glamour and elegance. Over the years, it has evolved while preserving its authenticity. Its recent acquisition by the Experimental group and the ongoing renovation promise to preserve and add character to this iconic establishment. Whether admiring the breathtaking ocean views, immersing yourself in the history of Biarritz or relaxing in an exceptional spa, the Hôtel Regina Experimental Biarritz offers a unique experience where past and present meet in harmony.

The Regina Biarritz from the outside
april, 2020
april, 2020
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